For our working libraries (C.F.).

Vovelle H. Alziary, Lavit, ML Lagier Bruno, Map, Raoul Faure Remy Hose and Roger Lallemand more The printing at school No. 14 – May 1928 in: the printing Publishing at the school of printing in the school for teachers review educational principles> natural method> natural method of teaching reading-writing techniques> printing May 1928 SUMMARY At Perpignan educational exhibition (Pages).

PRINTING AT SCHOOL: A new technique of schoolwork (Freinet). – The cooperative school file: documentation to the school and teaching material (Paul Otlet). – self-inking Press (Dunand). – free texts and interests (Rousson). – The persistence of Interest (Gauthier). – The life of our Group: Printing at the School Congress of New Education (Pichot and Leroux). – Newspapers and Magazines. – Books (Athena Fancuilla: Mr. Lagier-Bruno).

CINEMA: Film Technique: Causes of poor projection (Hose). – Technical School Cinema (Maradene). […]